James Bond 007
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James Bond 007
The Bond Cars
Aston  Martin DB5
"Bond liked fast cars and he liked driving them" - Live And Let Die (1954)
Aston Martin DB5





This is my favorite of bonds cars, also the most famous.

Films : Goldfinger , Thunderball, Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies

Gadgetry :

Two forward firing machine guns

Rearfiring water jets and oils slicks

An ejector seat for all bonds those unwanted passengers.

Bullet proof shield

Revolving number plates

The DB5 also has tire slashers and an exstending front bumpers


Lotus Esprit



Film : The Spy Who Loved Me

Gadgetry :

Transforms into mini-submarine

Rear firing mud sprayers

Surface-to-air missiles

Depth charges

Underwater smokescreens and torpedoes

Aston Martin V8



Film : Living Daylights

Gadgetry :

Wheel hub mounted laser

Spiked tyres

Stabilising outriggers

Turbo thrust

Dual forward facing missiles

Self destruct button

BMW Z3 Roadster



Film : GoldenEye

Use : 2-seater convertible with the standard Q-branch modifications

Sunbeam Alpine



Film : Dr No

Use : Involved in 007's firstever car chase. Where the pursuing hearse bursts into flames at the bottom of a ravine

Toyota 2000GT



Film : You Only Live Twice

Use : Bond is saved several times by Aki driving a white Toyota 2000GT Convertible

Gadget : TV monitor


Aston Martin DBS



Film : On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Use : Glovecompartment concealed a sniper's rifle




Film : Diamonds Are Forever

Use : Screeched around the streets of Las Vegas performing some incredible stunts

AMC Hornet



Film : The Man With The Golden Gun

Use : Does incredible 360 degree mid-air roll as bond jumps a river in pursuit of Scaramanga

Lotus Turbo Esprit



Film : For Your Eyes Only

Use : The anti-theft device incorporated by Q-branch is perhaps a little too effective so bond must drive a Citroen 2CV (see below)

Citroen 2CV



Film : For Your Eyes Only

Use : Assist 's 007 in making his escape




Film : Octopussy

Use : Helps bond catch up with an escaping train

Renault 11



Film : A View To A Kill

Use : Help bond chase an assassin who is parachuting from the Eiffel Tower




Film : Goldeneye

Use : Used by Xenia Onatopp to race bond in his Aston Martin DB5

BMW 750
Film : Tomorrow Never Dies

Gadgets :

Remote control

Super anti-theft device

Rocket launchers

Self inflating tires

Wire cutting saw

Cagiva Bike
Film : Goldeneye

Use : Helps bond race after a departing plane he drives it off the cliff top

BMW R1200c Bike
Film : Tomorrow Never Dies

Use : Helps bond and Wai Lin escape Carver's men in the main chase

James Bond 007

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 James Bond 007

James Bond 007