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The Gadgets


"Q Branch had put together this smart-looking little bag... Fifty rounds of .25 ammunition between the leather and the lining... in each of the innocent sides there was a flat throwing knife... the lid of the attaché case contained fifty gold sovereigns."
- From Russia With Love (1957)
Bond's Briefcase





In From Russia With Love, Bond's standard issue briefcase was the first, and perhaps the most authentic, of any of his spy gadgets. Equipped with a flat bladed throwing knife, 50 gold sovereigns, 20 rounds of ammunition, an AR7 folding sniper's rifle and a canister of tear gas, the briefcase came to Bond's rescue when held at gunpoint by Red Grant.



Little Nellie





One of my favorite Bond gadgets, Little Nellie was an autogiro which could be assembled from four leather cases to become a small, maneuverable one-man helicopter. Little Nellie made her appearance in You Only Live Twice, armed with twin forward-firing machine guns, rocket launchers, rear-firing flame throwers, aerial mines and heat-seeking missiles.



Bond's Wrist-Dart-Gun





Making its appearance in Moonraker, Bond's dart-gun was worn around the wrist, like a watch, and was triggered by nerve impulses. It came with 5 blue-tipped armour piercing darts and 5 red-tipped darts which were cyanide coated. The dart-gun saved Bond's life twice: once when inside a gravity simulator being subjected to 13Gs and again when held at gunpoint by Hugo Drax.



Bond's Keyfinder





An ordinary looking key ring attachment, Q-branch made some clever audio-actuated modifications to the Philips keyfinder featured in The Living Daylights. When armed, the first bar of 'Rule Britannia' would cause the keyfinder to eject a concentrated stun gas to disorientate an enemy. Bond's keyfinder was also packed with explosives primed to blow when activated by his personalized signal - a wolf whistle. Skeleton keys which could open 90% of the world's locks also came attached to the keyfinder.



Bond's toothpaste





Cleverly labeled "Dentonite", 007's toothpaste tube contained a powerful plastic explosive. Used by Bond in Licence To Kill, the paste was remotely exploded using a detonator cunningly disguised as a packet of cigarettes.



Bond's Signature Gun





A high velocity sniper's rifle disguised as a camera, this gun also has a ingenious handgrip which can read the palm print of the hand holding the gun. Once this signature has been set, the gun can only be used by its owner. In Licence To Kill, Bond tries to use the gun to assassinate Sanchez, is stopped by Hong Kong narcotics agents, but his life is saved by the gun's special signature.



Bond's belt





Q-branch have modified this ordinary looking leather belt to conceal a rappelling cord, which gets 007 out of a very tight situation in GoldenEye.




Bond's Piton Gun





This high powered piton gun is used by 007 to remarkable effect in GoldenEye. The grapples are shot out at high velocity and can lodge into most materials. Also featured is a laser attachment on the top of the gun which can cut through metal at close range.



Bond's Watches





This is my favorite of Bonds watches. Its Equipped with an incredibly powerful electro-magnet which could 'deflect the path of a bullet' and unzip dresses, Bond's Rolex featured prominently in Live and Let Die. The watch also had a serrated face which rotated at high speed to turn it into an incredibly useful cutting device, which allowed Bond save himself and Solitaire being fed to a pool full of hungry sharks.








Bond's first gadget laden Seiko appeared in Moonraker. Packed with plastic explosive, the watch could be set to go off "bang on time". The watch allowed Bond and Dr. Goodhead to escape from being cremated below Drax's Moonraker 5 space shuttle.



Seiko 2





Bond had another Seiko in Octopussy, equipped with a directional locator which picked up the frequency emitted by a tiny transmitter hidden inside a Faberge Egg.








Worn by 007 in GoldenEye, this very stylish Omega Seamaster Professional Diver's Watch has a laser hidden in its dial, which helps 007 escape from the villain's private train when it has been set to explode. It also acts as the remote detonator for Bond's explosive devices.



Bond's pen





This rather smart looking pen is actually a class four grenade, the four second fuse being armed by clicking the button three times in succession. A small gadget which has a devastating effect in GoldenEye.



Scaramanga's Golden Gun





Perhaps one of the most cleverly concealed weapons used by any of Bond's enemies, Scaramanga's Golden Gun (featured in The Man With The Golden Gun) was made up from a cigarette box, a lighter, a pen and a cuff link. These otherwise unremarkable components could be easily assembled to form Scaramanga's trademark gun.



Bonds Walther PPK
James Bond 007

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