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James Bond 007
The Bond Villains


"Faced by such a man, thought Bond, one could only go on one's knees and wait for death"
- Goldfinger(1959)
Dr No





Film :- Dr No

Actor :- Joseph Wiseman

Job :- SPECTRE agent & genius

Evil Scheme :- To disrupt US Space programme

Sinister Lair :- Crab Key

Distinguishing Feature :- Steel hands (result of radiation experiments)

Mode Of Demise :- Boiled alive in his nuclear reactor pool

Most Memorable Quote :- "I never fail, Mr. Bond."


Ernst Stavro Blofeld





Films :- You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever and Never Say Never Again

Actors :- Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray and Max von Sydow.

Job :- Head of terror group SPECTRE

Evil Scheme :- World Domination

Sinister Lair :- Japanese volcano, Alpine retreat, Vegas penthouse and oil rig.

Distinguishing Feature :- Resembles a cracked egg

Typical Day :- Seated behind desk stroking a white pussy, while pressing buttons sending subordinates to their death.

Mode Of Demise :- Hurting to the bottom of a smokestack in his wheelchair.

Most Memorable Quotes :- "Kill Bond, now!" and "This is the price of failure, Mr. Bond."


Auric Goldfinger





Film :- Goldfinger

Actor :- Gert Frobe

Evil Scheme :- To detonate an atomic bomb inside Fort Knox

Sinister Lair :- Kentucky stud farm

Distinguishing Feature :- Fat and Teutonic

Most Threatening Line :- Strapped to a table a laser beam edging towards his groin, an apparently cool, claim and collected bond asks if he's expected to talk. "No. Mr Bond" comes the reply "I expect you to die."

Mode Of Demise :- Sucked out of an aircraft window


Emilio Largo





Film :- Thunderball

Actor :- Adolfo Celi

Job :- Multi-millionaire playboy and SPECTRE's No 2

Evil Scheme :- Steals two NATO nuclear bombs to hold the ideologically-unsound Weatern world to ransom.

Sinister Lair :- Villa in the Bahamas complete with Shark infested swimming pool

Gadget :- Super yacht capable of shedding its rear half and becoming a speedy hydrofoil

Distinguishing Features :- Eye-patch and dodgy Mediterranean accent

Mode Of Demise :- Shot with speargun by his mistress

Most Memorable Quote :- "Heat and cold, applied scientifically..."


Kananga/Mr. Big





Film :- Live and Let Die

Actor :- Yaphet Kotto

Job :- Two faced voodoo Carribean criminal, gang leader and heroin producer

Most Memorable Quote :-

Bond: My name is....

Mr. Big: Names is for tombstones, baby.


Francisco Scaramanga





Film :- The Man with the Golden Gun

Actor :- Christopher Lee

Job :- The world's most expensive assassin - $1 million a shot

Background :- Son of the circus ringmaster. Local Rio gunman aged 15. Later recruited by the KGB

Sinister Lair :- Tropical island off the coast of Thiland

Distinguishing Feature :- A third nipple

Weapon :- Golden Gun - Cleverly assemled from a cigarette case, a lighter, a cufflink and a pen.

Mode Of Demise :- Losses shooting competition with Bond

Most Memorable Quote :-

Scaramanga: My golden gun against your Walther PPK, each of us with a 50-50 chance.

Bond: 6 bullets to your one?

Scaramanga: I only need one


Karl Stromberg





Film :- The Spy Who Loved Me

Actor :- Curt Jurgens

Evil Scheme :- Destroy world and build a new civilization under the sea.

Sinister Lair :- Underwater base called Atlantis, able to submerge and rise at will

Distinguishing Features :- Web fingers

Assassination Technique :- For disloyal subordinates his lift turns into a one way trip to the obligatory shark pool

Mode Of Demise :- Shot in groin

Most Memorable Quote :-

Bond: Your time is running out, Stromberg.

Stromberg: Your's too, Mr. Bond, your's too; and faster than you think.


Hugo Drax





Film :- Moonraker

Actor :- Micheal Lonsdale

Job :- Billionaire space industrialist

Evil Scheme :- Destroy world and build a new civilization is space

Sinister Lair :- Space station

Distinguishing Features :- Tragic beard, sense of humour bypass

Assassination Technique :- Inviting unwanted guest to make friends with his pet anaconda

Mode Of Demise :- Shot with a poison dart and evacuated into outed space

Most Memorable Quote :- "Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him."







Film :- For Your Eyes Only

Actor :- Julian Glover

Job :- Heroin smuggler and Russian agent

Background :- During World War II Kristatos worked as double agent for Nazis

Evil Scheme :- Planned to sell a British top secret device to the soviets

Sinister Lair :- Mountain top Byzantine monastery

Mode Of Demise :- A nicely aimed knife in the back

Most Memorable Quote :- "You cannot just arrest him, you must find a different way. You may have to kill him."


Kamal Khan





Fillm :- Octopussy

Actor :- Louis Jourdan

Job :- Wealthy but exiled Afghan prince and a world-class smuggler

Evil Scheme :- To detonate an atomic bomb on a much less well equipped US Air Force base

Sinister Lair :- Mountain top fortress in India

Mode Of Demise :- His private jet takes a nose-dive into the side of a mountain

Most Memorable Quote :- "Mr Bond is indeed a very rare breed. Soon to be made extinct."


Max Zorin





Film :- A View To A Kill

Actor :- Christopher Walken

Job :- Billionaire industrialist, horse breeder and part time fruit cake

Background :- Born in Germany as part of hideous Nazi experiment in genetics to create a race of super humans

Evil Scheme :- To corner the worlds microchip market by triggering a massive earthquake in California's Silicon Valley

Sinister Lair :- Mammoth Airship

Mode Of Demise :- Falls off San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge

Most Memorable Quote :-

Mayday: Wow! What a view...

Zorin: To a kill!


Brad Whittaker





Film :- The Living Daylights

Actor :- Joe Don Baker

Job :- An illegal arms dealer

Background :- Expelled from Westpoint for cheating, he spent a short stint as a mercenary in the Belgian Congo before working with various criminal organisations to help finance his first arms deals.

Evil Scheme :- attempts to use Soviet money to buy opium

Most Memorable Quote :-

"Well, that's too bad, Bond. You know, you could've been a live rich man instead of a poor dead one."


Franz Sanchez





Film :- Licence To Kill

Actor :- Robert Davi

Job :- Ruthless Latin American Drug Lord

Evil Scheme :- To expand his evil drug empire

Sinister Lair :- Luxurious vills in Isthmus City a bought South American state

Assassination Technique :- Freeding traitors to his pet shark 

Mode Of Demise :- Bond turns him into a walking Bar-B-Q

Most Memorable Quote :- "What did he promise you ? His Heart ? Give her his heart."


Alec Trevalyn





Alias :- 006

Film :- Goldeneye

Actor :- Sean Bean

Job :- Head of terror group Janus

Background :- Was Bond's best friend in secrer service

Evil Scheme :- Obliterate Western economies using stolen space weapon

Sinister Lair :- Soviet missile train

Distinguishing Feature :- Terrible scar on right side of face, courtesy of Bond

Mode Of Demise :- Plumments 500 feet to his death

Most Memorable Quote :- "Why can't you just be a good boy and die ? !"


Elliot Carver





Film :- Tomorrow Never Dies

Actor :- Jonathan Pryce

Job :- Billionaire media mogul

Evil Scheme :- To set off World War III just so he can have some great newspaper headlines

Mode Of Demise :- Killed when Bond uses the Sea Drill on him

Most Memorable Quote :- "Let the mayhem begin

James Bond 007

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